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  1. 2007.12.01 iPhone 패러디 광고들^^ (1)

 내용: 아이폰을 들고 다니다가 얻어 터지고 뺏겻다는 내용. 잘 쓰길 바란다고 한다^^
My name is Mett. I make commercials and music videos.
I used to have an iPod touch until like I was in the subway tonight. Two guys beated me up and stole it. I got a couple of punches. The guys had good puches. Real heal my own, in the end, they wanted more than I did. but who wouldn't? With all sweet features were on here. I had a lot of great stuffs on there though. I had music from bands I worked with, coming up a new idea about some project. I had all my videos on it so show people on the goal, what I've been doing. I had all my project schedule on calander, you know. I had a shoot coming up this week.I really didn't use the calculator that much but everythins else was there. It was gold.
So all and all, it was a handy little to carried in my pocket.
Now, you know who ever took it from me has it and I hope they have much fun with it like I did.
I spent a lot of time to ready for him.

  Pilot 광고 패러디^^

 Apple 광고 -> http://www.apple.com/iphone/ads/ad13/

 Apple 광고 -> http://www.apple.com/iphone/ads/ad11/

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