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Oprah Winfreys shameless "Favorite Things" episode aired today, the famous once-a-year episode where every member of the audience gets everything on Oprah's list.  She pretends these are some awesome gifts from her to her audience, but in reality companies fight to get on the show, they donate all the stuff that Oprah pretends is a gift and her fat ass doesn't spend a dime, except on humiliating her staff by making them dress like elves.  She probably makes money off it.  The Post says:
Oprah, who stages the "Favorite Things" show every year at holiday time, usually tries to find a deserving group to put in the audience.
This year, she took the show to Macon because it consistently has the nation's highest percentage of viewers tuned into her afternoon talk show.
Local reports say that 45 percent of homes in Macon watch Oprah at 4 p.m. - a huge market share. (In New York, the local share of audience is closer to 20 percent.)
Macon, Georgia must be the worst place on earth.  And now it's filled with a bunch of crappy nick-nacks.  In the past, she's given away diamond watches, blackberrys and Sony notebooks.  This year the audience got screwed.  The big gift was a refrigerator with a TV in it.  It might as well come with a defibrillator too because you know fattys are just gonna park that thing right in front of the couch.  The other gifts were cupcakes, sorbet, a panini maker, a mixer and some big baggy clothes.  Yeah Oprah, we get it, you're fat.
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