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Linda Carter

Film Drunk
and various other sources are reporting today that Australian model Megan Gale has been cast as Wonder Woman and Armie Hammer has been cast as Batman in the upcoming "Justice League of America" movie, directed by George Miller of "Mad Max" and "Happy Feet" fame.  Slash Film, AICN and JoBlo all confirm the Wonder Woman rumor, and IESB broke the Batman story:
IESB has gotten solid conformation that Armie Hammer has been cast in Justice League as none other the Dark Knight himself, Batman.
Clocking in at 6 foot 5 inches tall, Hammer certainly has the stature for the role, plus as an added bonus he's an amateur magician...I kid you not. If you're unfamiliar with his work he was in last weeks Desperate Houswives as Barrett.
I don't know who the hell those people are but as it turns out I don't really care because Gale is hot.  She's also incredibly easy to find naked pictures of, both professionally and personally, so I figure she's perfect.  It's not like Wonder Woman does anything anyway.  Her only powers were dressing slutty, an unbreakable lasso that broke constantly and bulletproof wrist bands that kept her wrists bulletproof while leaving her other 99 percent quite bullet friendly.

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Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo  <--- 큰 사진 보고싶으면 클릭^^

Film Drunk와 다른 소식통들은 오늘 호주 모델인 영화 원더우먼에 메간 게일, 그리고  새로운 배트맨 시리즈 'Justice League of America'(감독-Mad Max와 Happy Feet의 조지 밀러 감독)에 어니 해머가 캐스팅 됐다고 전한다. Slash Flim, AICN, Joblo등 모든 소식통들이 원더우먼 루머를 흘리고 있다.

난 솔직히 게일이 누군지 잘 모르겠고 상관도 없지만, 섹시한 것만은 확실하다. 그리고 다 벗고 찍은 누드 사진을 찾기가 정말 쉽다. 전문가 적인 입장에서 그리고 개인적으로 그녀는 완벽하다! 원더우먼에 그녀 말고는 다른 사람이 떠오르지 않을 정도이다.

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    게일은 호주 david jones 메인모델이죠.
    그리고 이곳에선 오히려 miss university 였던
    제니퍼 호킨스보다더 유명하죠.
    (참고로 제니퍼는 myer 메인모델이구요.)
    호주의 롯데와 신세계 백화점이라고 할까요?^^