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  1. 2007.11.26 매력적인 마돈나 딸 (2)
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It's probably not very nice to make fun of 11-year-olds, but I don't like Madonna, so fuck her and her de-evolved kid.  This is her at the London premiere of "Fred Claus" last night, and this is probably exactly what Madonna looked like at 11 too, before the bleach and hot wax.   Like a damn Neanderthal, with those big hunky brows and a handlebar mustache.  Except Madonna would have attacked the photographers flashing lights, because cavemen are stupid.  If I sound bitter, it's because I am.  That stache is way better than I had at 11.  She looks like that "our arrows will blot out the sun" guy from 300.  Sexy, yes?

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    매력적이긴 한데 눈썹이 너무....^^

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