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  1. 2007.11.28 KFED IS MAN OF THE YEAR
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Most men's magazines are nothing but thinly veiled gay communist propaganda run by asexual dorks who know way more about celibacy and crying than they do paintball and porno.  And Details is no different.  In fact Details is probably the leader.  And if you need any further proof, their "Most Influential" list is out, and it features Perez Hilton at number 23 and Kevin Federline at number 7.  Why?  Well because Details feels todays man is influenced by unemployed wiggers and websites littered with gay classified ads.  Us.com has the details about Federline:
The doting dad even impressed Details magazine staffers at the Steven Klein photo shoot at Federline’s home in Tarzana, California.
“Here is the person who people think of as this universal joke, who has oddly emerged as father of the year,” Details editor in chief Dan Peres tells Us. “The kids would go running to him and were very warm and very well behaved.”

Other headlines on this issue include "Enough Already With The Fake Boobs" and "Ballet Slippers For Under 50$" and "Meet The Soldiers Who Refuse To Fight".  Shockingly, I only made up one of those.  I dare you to guess which one.  I wrote them a letter asking that they put down their dolls and stop being such queers, but haven't yet received a reply.  Presumably because they're working on next months exciting features, such as "How To Hide The Sheets After You Shit The Bed" and "Things To Do While Stuffed In A Locker". 

(this post now with 100 percent more hot jessica alba action)

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