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  1. 2007.11.26 옷 잘입는 하이디
  2. 2007.11.26 HEIDI KLUM IS FUN (3)
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Heidi Klum wore a super hot dress to the Victorias Secret Fashion Show after party last night, but it's still not slutty enough.  That dress asks you to use your imagination, and since the internet can show you anything anywhere at any time, my imagination has been worn down to a nub from lack of practice. If I was a cartoon, and you could get a close up of my brain, it wouldn't show a mouse sprinting in a wheel, it would show a donkey asleep on his back and with his feet up in the air. Asking me to use my imagination to masturbate is like asking me to build a log cabin. I know people used to do that kind of thing, but I wouldn't even know how to start.

어제 하이디 클룸이 슈퍼 섹시 드레스를 빅토리아 패션쇼 파디에서 입었다. 하지만, 전혀 싸구려같아 보이지 않는다. 저 드레스는 인터넷에서 본 것처럼 당신을 상상하게 한다. 만약 내가 만화 주인공이였다면 당신은 내 뇌 속의 생각을 알 수 있었을 것이다^^

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Heidi Klum says that she plans to borrow an idea from Christina Aguilera and introduce "Naked Sundays" into her relationship with her husband Seal.  The Sun UK says:
"You know Christina Aguilera has 'Naked Sundays'?  I might have to copy her and do that.  I'll do 'Seal and Heidi's Naked Sunday'.  One day in bed without our clothes on."  The Victoria's Secret stunner revealed the pair like to enjoy romps in the ATTIC, while Seal added: "This is the longest time I've known Heidi without her being pregnant.  She's got her body back and it's real good fun!”
Aww that son of a bitch.  I could have one "Naked Sunday" with Heidi Klum, then slam my dick in a car door while getting raped by a tiger with AIDS, and it would still pretty much be the greatest day of my life.

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