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  1. 2007.11.27 불쌍한 브룩 호간
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There seems to be some confusion about the split between Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda, and apparently no one is more confused than Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda.  Early reports by People.com and others said she filed last Wednesday and Hulk was genuinely surprised to hear the news.  Now one new report says Linda doesn't really want to divorce ("She keeps saying to him 'Can't we find a way to make this work?  She doesn't want to see the family break up.") and another says the split happened long ago and no one should be surprised ("Mr. and Mrs. Hulkster have been on the outs since June, and that the divorce filing was not a surprise to the Hogans or people who know the couple ... the couple even filmed part of their reality TV show 'Hogan Knows Best' when they were separated.")

The real question haunting the experts about these two is, would you bang their daughter?  Here she is over the weekend at a pool near Miami Beach.  I'm not sure what madman convinced a girl this thick to wear horizontal stripes, but I'm assuming he's gay and his mom beat him with a pool cue and now he hates women. In the mom's defense, I now would also like to beat him with a pool cue.  Brooke Hogan is to sex what donkeys are to field goal kicking. I'm sure they could both technically do the job, but there has to be some better options out there somewhere.

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헐크 호간과 그의 아내 린다와의 이별이 약간 혼란스러워 보인다. 그리고 아무도 그 당사자들 보다는 혼란스럽진 않을 것이다. People.com과 여러 매체들이 전하길 그녀가 지난 수요일에 이혼 서류를 제출 했고 헐크는 진짜로 놀랐다. 어떤 소식통이 전하길 지금 린다는 이혼을 진짜로 원하진 않는다고 한다. 그리고 어떤 소식통은 아주 오래전에 그들은 헤어졌고 아무도 놀랄 일이 아니라고 한다.

전문가들이 자주 하는 진짜 질문 두가지는,,, 당신 헐크 호간 딸하고 자고 싶지 않냐? 마이애미 비치의 수영장에서 포착된 사진들이 있다. 어떤 미친놈이 그녀의 가로줄무늬 수영복에 넘어갈진 모르겠지만, 그는 게이이고 당구채로 그의 엄마에게 매일 맞을 것이다. 그리고 그는 여자를 증오한다. 엄마의 입장에서 볼때, 당구채로 때리는 게 이해가 간다. 어쨌든, 부룩 호간, 저것보다 다른 방식으로 사는 법이 있을 텐데...
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