Apple gives free iPods to kids affected by California wildfires

It's a small, small consolation, but Apple has donated free iPod nanos to over 100 kids in a California
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school district who lost their homes in the recent wildfires. Affected high school students in Poway, California, received the devices after Steve Boyack, husband of a Poway city councilwoman, noticed that fundraising and gift drives organized by the city targeted mainly young children and older folks and decided to write Steve Jobs an email at his famously public email address. Steve didn't write back, but Michael Foulkes, Apple's senior manager for state and local government affairs, soon had the iPods on their way. Apple being Apple, it's declined to comment on the story, and Boyack says the company didn't want any publicity to begin with, saying, "It was strictly from the heart and just wanting to help." Love or hate Apple, you've got to respect them for trying to provide at least a little holiday cheer.

 그것은 단지 작은 위안이다. 그러나 애플은 최근 캘리포니아 산불로 집이 불탄 100명 이상의 아이들에게 아이팟 나노를 나워주었다. 피해를 입은 캘리포니아 포웨이시의 시의원의 남편인 Steve Boyack가 자선 행사를 하는 것에 영향을 받아 그 지역 고등학생들이 Steve Jobs에게 공개적으로 email을 보냈다. Steve가 답장을 보내지는 않았으나, Apple의 senior manager for state and local government affair(정부나 지역 사회를 관리하는 사람)인 Michael Foulkes에 의해 아이팟이 그들에게 전달됐다. 애플은 이것이 공개적으로 이루어지지 않기를 바랬으며, "이것은 도움을 주고자 정말 마음 속에서 나온 행동이었다."라고 했다. 애플을 증오하든 사랑하든, 당신은 최소한 그들의 선행에 작은 찬사를 보내야 하지 않을까?

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