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Before heading out for your holiday parties, make sure to install this native iPhone application iFartz and wow all the guests. To delight them with cheerful Christmas sounds, just turn the iPhone on it's front, back or just shake it. Available on Installer or the iFartz website. Now where are the crackers for the cheese?

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iFartz - The most useful application you’ll ever find for your iPhone

There are two ways you can get relief with iFartz

iFartz is available via Installer!

Open Installer
Tap Install along the Bottom Navigation Bar
iFartz can found in the "Toys" folder
Select iFartz from the folder
Tap Install along the Top Navigation Bar
After installation completes Quit Installer
The iFartz icon should now appear on your SpringBoard

Or you can download it directly:

Download iFartz HERE

SSH into iPhone and place iFartz.app into Applications Folder.

Be sure permission are set - type: cd /Applications/iFartz.app; chmod -R 755 *

Restart iPhone (or recycle SpringBoard)

Start iFartz - Shake Phone - Breath Deeply - Enjoy


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